Favorite Vegan Cosmetic #WorldVeganDay

Today is world vegan day! In honor of the lifestyle that exposed me to animal rights, to it’s environmental impact, and the wonderful recipes I eat daily; I want to share with you all my favorite cosmetics. Though I do not eat a vegan diet full time now, I do firmly believe in vegan cosmetics. There is absolutely no need for any animal to be … Continue reading Favorite Vegan Cosmetic #WorldVeganDay

Favorite 100% Pure Cosmetics Products

Modern Hippie Living is all about being a modern bad beauty without sacrificing mother earth and 100% Pure makes it really really easy to make that a reality. This California based company is 100% solar powered, fruit dyed makeup, and compostable packaging makes shopping and caring less stressful and even fun! I just shot a youtube video on my most recent haul but my haul … Continue reading Favorite 100% Pure Cosmetics Products