Newhire Flight Attendant Resources

I have posted often to my youtube about my career from beginning to now. At 2 years in the industry I’ve bypassed my newhire status and wanted to keep all of my resources from the past 2 years I’ve been working on in one convenient place. Here you’ll find my youtube playlists, shopping lists, amazon shopping help, etc. to get you ready to fly!

Getting ready for training? Here’s my minimalist packing list for training and don’t forget that things like toiletries (and all nail polish, nail polish remover, and hairspray should be bought at a local market instead of packed!).  Packing list

Need outfit ideas for training ladies? Here is my Pinterest board with all of the Polyvore boards I created out of training to give you all an idea of the specific business casual expected my management while earning your wings.

**Polyvore no longer exists so none of the original pages of my outfit ideas exist anymore. Instead I will link the youtube video where I went in depth on each outfit and my outfit logic for training.

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For those of you who just want to click and purchase, I have attached below my flight attendant shopping lists from Amazon.

Study Materials: I only have a few items listed to study because honestly, most everything will be provided by training and because I studied by notecards for my entire 6 weeks.

Newhire Must Haves: Here is a collection of my favorite shoes, nylons, and other items I wish I had, had when I got on the line!

*I am associated with Amazon and earn a small commission off of any purchases you make. This does not increase the price of any of these products and I do not work with any companies specifically mentioned.

Flight Attendant Subscription Box!

I was contacted by a flight attendant at my company about her latest project! If you didn’t know almost every flight attendant flies for fun and has some entrepreneurial side as well! Jaja has been flying since 2003 and has created subscription boxes for the frequent travelers and flight attendants alike!

There are a few options from the monthly box ($38 a month) which is curated by a flight attendant, newhire box ($68), and create your box from their online shop!