Where Does Spirituality Fall in a Modern Lifestyle?

Is it okay to write a blog on spirituality while listening to a band called “The Wrecks”?

Let’s put this post into quick context: I am sipping an hour old rose tea latte, in a towel, fresh from a shower/bath, listening to what we can loosely call pop-punk on Spotify and reflecting on the magnificence of my life. I’m not trying to be a braggart but lately I’ve been surrounding myself with my favorite things consciously and unconsciously and it feels like without too much effort my entire life is up-leveling. It’s almost as if the player playing my life on Sims decided that it was time to treat me right. These changes have been so small and a few big that they almost were impossible to see until they all came together.

This gratitude train of thought started because I do a lot of work from my hotel room and recently the vibe back in Chicago just wasn’t productive or positive. In turn the universe provided an additional 25 hours in my favorite city in the world, Vancouver. So here I am staring at my beloved mountains, trees, and ocean feeling blessed but also I found out today that I won $100 from a work raffle, I also received a $100 for an quick sale. These days it seems as if I am receiving more than ever and it’s made me wonder; is this because I’ve become more spiritual? Can I be spiritual and still be an educated human being? Can I still consider myself “modern” if my heart connects to plants and all the hippie fru-fru things that are considered nonsense are actually working for me?

From the onset, I’ve declared Modern Hippie Living to be about living a clean green and still fabulous life. I don’t believe we have to give up anything we love to still treat the planet right.

Somehow it feels that when I start putting my spirit into it, my manifestation into it, my belief system that is not purely scientific into this blog and into my experiences they become less authentic to the mainstream. It feels as if spirituality will lessen the value of “modern”. Since most spirituality comes from very ancient principles and when they are often brought to mix in with todays population they are either a) ripped from their ethnic origins, white-washed, and gentrified so that they don’t provide any residual to the original population or b) the principles of spirituality are mixed into modern historical and racial context to add bias and marginalize others.

Since elementary school I have avoided all things “religious” because of the hate that often encompassed them. I don’t remember the first time someone told me I was going to hell, that I devil worshipper, that I allowed evil into my soul because I was so young it traumatized me. These experiences pushed my young psyche to revolt against all religions out of fear. To this day I only identify as spiritual because I refuse to allow racist, hate-producing guidelines rule my conscious. For that same reason it is hard for me to connect my modern rationalism to my budding spirituality.

I know this blog isn’t going anywhere, there was no point in it, but what is amazing to me is that my work with manifestation, belief, and positivity has created some dramatic and wanted changes in my life. So crazy I feel like I won’t be believed if I were to share how I manifested my career. So crazy I don’t think anyone would call my new luxury apartment a manifestation but just “luck”. The truth of the matter is, is that I focused my desire on these things and trusted the universe to provide them or something even better and it did.

Would you take this blog seriously if I added more content on spirituality?

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Books I’ve Read:  https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AEAVYBUNZGRXI5WBJUXHSP275GIA/34MBN80KUCCFE


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