Au Naturale Cosmetics Sale – Start Your Eco-Chic Makeup Kit Today!

This is different than my normal posts because well, I didn’t think I’d be the kind of blogger that would dedicate a post to a sale. We’re here though because when one of my favorite companies has a sale I’m like a grizzly in spring trying to grab as many items as possible! The sale starts May 17, 2018 and is on their “Last Call” section.

This is a sale in a sale. This is sale-ception.

Au Naturale is one of my favorite mineral makeup companies, in fact I haven’t worn a mineral makeup that wasn’t from them in years. Unfortunately, and fortunately they don’t have any mineral foundation on sale which means I’ll be forced to go outside my comfort zone and trust me my makeup skills need it!
My Cart:
  • Deep Coral Lipgloss
  • Royal Flush Multi-Use Stick
  • Eye Shadows in: Dark Opal, Black Beauty, Abyss, Taupe
  • Napa Eye Pencil

Finally it wouldn’t be a Modern Hippie Living post if I did’t explain why I liked this brand so much and why it fits into my criteria of an #MHL.

First when finding an ethical company in the USA the easiest step is to see if it’s made in the USA; when a product is manufactured in the USA that means that it’s at the very least facing the same labor practice laws we know and mostly love. That means you are side stepping child labor, slave labor, and some pretty nasty environmental practices. Not to mention you are helping the small economy of US based businesses grow and build their community! #winwin Au Naturale Cosmetics is made their Wisconsin based lab so you know theirs no labor laws being broken. If you’re curious their instagram  sometimes posts videos from the labs, so no secrets.

Many of us greenies are in the process of not only going cruelty-free but also vegan in our skincare and cosmetics which is great because Au Natural is PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan. Not to mention their products are all natural and organic.

Sale ends May 20th so if you’ve ever been nervous about spending a lot of money in your green journey on cosmetics this is the best stepping stone towards cleaning out your makeup bag!


In addition I wanted to add a couple more resources to this blog post on the sale I wanted to talk about my favorite products from them plus a vlog from when I first found out about this amazing company.

Favorite Products:

Semi-Matte Powder Foundation: Sometimes you just want something that evens out the skin tone and is just stupid easy to do when you’re feeling lazy. That is this foundation. When I don’t have the energy or effort to just try, buffing this into my face makes me look like a normal human being.

Pure Powder Blush in “Gilded Sunset”: This is my lifetime favorite blush. In over 3 years I still lust over this blush because not only does it add a flush to the cheek bones but it bronzes a little and has a little sparkle. The lazy girl in me loves that it’s like a blush, bronzer, and highlight in one. Honestly, it makes me feel like a born and bred California girl instead of the Seattle vampire I normally look like.

Powder Starter Kit: Alright so maybe this one isn’t so much a product as it is a favorite idea of mine. I  am obsessed with starter kits because I HATE investing my hard earned money into products that just don’t do it for me. Plus once the product is gone these little mini containers are very easy to clean and reuse for travel purposes! If you’re nervous about shades or texture getting a starter kit is the way to go because $23 for foundation, blush, and bronzer is a lot better than going back to the store to return a product, am I right?

Brushes: What can I say about those fluffy goddess creating tools? I kind of only use Au Naturale brushes, literally. I’ve had mine for over a year and they haven’t shed, they clean easy, and no animals were harmed.

Youtube Links: Au Naturale Haul + Get Ready With Me w/ Au Naturale Cosmetics 

I am an affiliate with Au Naturale Cosmetics, what this means is that when you purchase a product from Au Naturale Cosmetics I earn a small commission. All opinions are my own. I do not receive any free products or incentives to create this blog post outside of my regular commission.



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