Capsule Wardrobe + Conscious Travel || Blog 1

This is a new topic I’ve been wanting to introduce to this blog because as a flight attendant I am a traveler, a traveler with a HUGE carbon footprint. I first came across the term “conscious traveler” in the AirBnB magazine and it resounded in my soul. Finally there was a hashtag that fit all my desires, it felt like the day I thought of Modern Hippie Living. I found another part of my identity I knew existed but couldn’t properly describe. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog on how I conscious clothing and how I was struggling to start my wardrobe over with my new higher standards. How does this all fit together?

As a flight attendant I live in my suitcase and wear the same 4 outfits week by week. Since my suitcase is my life I’ve decided to combine all of these goals into many steps. I originally was incredibly overwhelmed by rebuilding a whole wardrobe from scratch; especially since I barely know my own style but I do know my budget (almost non-existent). So since my suitcase is my life I think building a capsule wardrobe for my travels is much more palatable for my budget and my stress levels.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 7.13.08 PM
According to Bing (I don’t know why it’s my search engine…) this is the definition of capsule wardrobe for you all. 

I have watched way way too many videos on “creating a capsule wardrobe” on youtube. While I often find youtube to have the answers to 90% of my questions I just didn’t find the information I needed. All of the videos, while aesthetically pleasing, didn’t have closets that fit my needs. As a constant traveler I love basics, as all capsules do, but I have to be prepared for hiking in Vancouver to nights out in Paris to evenings with pizza boxes and Netflix. Not one wardrobe felt like it could fit my wardrobe; and that’s the blessings of this modern world is that we don’t all have too look like each other!

In this blog series I want to focus on not only solving my own dilemmas with a poorly packed bag (seriously it was 50 degrees out and I didn’t have a coat!) but to really bring a deeper insight into the process of packing for the WORLD, the process of shopping and building a conscious wardrobe, and maybe even some stylization tips for those of us that aren’t the perfect skinny rich blogger (feeling really self conscious today).

Let me know in the comments if you have any brands, products that I have to look at for my capsule wardrobe but also ask me your questions in regards to this topic? What do you hope I go into more research on?

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