Love Beauty and Planet – Is it Really Green?

Maybe you aren’t up to date on all the magazines or haven’t walked into a Walgreens or Target recently but there is a new brand on the block taking over! This brand is “Love Beauty and Planet” a new haircare line claiming they are doing the best for the environment. Now we all now that I have a very different box that brands have to fit to be called “sustainable” a box that rare few brands fit.

For a brand to be truly sustainable in my eyes they need to be ethically sourced, non-toxic to  body and environment, and their packaging must be recyclable/compostable (none shall go to a dump). This is some pretty heavy lines to go past especially for a brand that charges 2 for $15 for shampoo and conditioner. Now I’m not dissing this brand because anyone who even tries to care is already many steps above the traditional beauty fold.


Let’s start at the top of my personal story for this brand. I had first seen them at Target where I scoffed and moved on, I didn’t believe for one hot second that this brand was anything special. Then I proceeded to see them in almost EVERY single #EarthDay special in my magazines and thought “maybe they aren’t basic”. Finally I ran out of shampoo and conditioner; I had let my hair get to the dredges of dirty and after still not being able to decide I ran to my local Walgreens to pick up a travel size of ANYTHING until I more permanent hair solution could be found. Once again Love Beauty and Planet was thrown into my face through their giant marketing and deals. So I scanned through the ThinkDirty app and nothing popped up, most new products don’t make it through the app. So I took a risk and purchased a shampoo and conditioner in “Blooming Color”, scented like roses, and supposed to help with keeping your color bright.


This product does what is says it will. My blonde is looking brighter than ever. My hair is softer now then it ever was using hair treatments plus high end salon quality products. I want to hate myself for falling in love before researching it properly.

Time to Get Down and Dirty

Company Claims:

  • vegan ingredients (this means no animals ingredients used)
  • cruelty free (final product not tested on animals – not sure if ingredients are)
  • sustainable sourcing
    • “everything we use in our products that is natural will be from certified sustainable sources by 2020″Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.49.57 AM
    • works with Givaudan a Swiss company to ensure transparency and ethical sourcing of all natural ingredients
    • Givaudan works under the UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals
  • bottles made from 100% recycled plastic
    • caps and pumps are not yet (goal is to have these made from 50% recycled plastics by 2020)
  • quick rinse conditioners – to save water
    • by 2020 they hope to have all shampoos as quick rinse as well
  • 100% transparency on carbon footprint
    • goal of reducing carbon footprint by 20% before 2020
    • contribe $40 per carbon ton, of their carbon footprint, to programs that set up recycling in communities
  • Partnered with Ashoka to promote and support future environmentalists
  • No Silicones
  • No Parabens
  • No Dyes

My Issues

Unilever. That’s the first place of my issues that I have. While having a sustainable brand under a huge corporation means that you’ll have money for promotion, access to better technologies, etc. it also means that you are now mired in the long history of corporate greed. Unilever is mired in expose after expose of terrible environmental and human practices. Yes, they seem like they want to be changing, and as a realistic environmentalist I know that large change takes time unless disaster strikes. Unilever also profits off of some really crappy companies. For example, Dove, who is well known for not only having some racially “insensitive” advertisements but also contributing heavily to palm oil deforestation. All this being said, their CEO, according to Forbes, really wants to make social and ethical headway and if Love Beauty and Planet is one of those steps then perhaps we should get a little cautiously excited.

There’s on part of their website that they didn’t mention and that was it’s effects on waterways. Growing up where waterways cleanliness was a huge issue it’s one of the first things I think of when I poor anything down my drain. When we poor bleach down our drain it doesn’t go through a filtration system it goes straight to our rivers and oceans and farmlands. Gross. While they talk about how good their ingredients are and sustainably sourced they don’t mention any effects on water AFTER you’ve shampooed and continued to hair goddess levels.

Finally, called me paranoid, but I just struggle with the idea that anything mass produced is actually that good. Especially when I know that supply chain can be clear as day online but murky as polluted riverways when you go to the actual source. Coming from a place of privilege where I can sit in a well heated apartment in natural light and research from my unethical Macbook means that I won’t ever truly know if the people picking the rose petals for my beloved shampoo are really earning sustainable wages and living good lives.

Iffy Ingredients

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate – cleansing agent
  • Sodium Benzoate – preservative
  • Fragrance
  • Cocamide Mea – compound synthesized from coconut oil
    • (safe for use in limited quantities and no aerosolized)
  • Benzyl Alcohol – naturally and synthetic ingredient for solvents and preservatives
    • used with fragrance and some people with allergies and sensitive skin will react
    • toxic or harmful if around mouth or aerosolized
    • workers exposure reduced to limited amounts because of toxicity
  • Benzyl Salicylate – used with fragrance
    • associated with allergies and contact dermatitis
    • suspected to be an environmental toxin
    • not suspected to be a human toxin
  • Linalool – fragrance ingredient
    • associated with allergies

Summarize Ingredients

Listed above are the “suspicious ingredients” listed on the bottle of Blooming Color Shampoo by Love Beauty and Planet. Of all the ingredients I researched above using the EWG Skin Deep Database  only the last three were listed as moderate toxins on their site and that is to be breathed in and in larger quantities. Listed on the shampoo bottle these ingredients are in small quantities and I’m positive they are there to keep the delicious rose scent attached the bottle. Fragrance, if you’re new to the green beauty game, is always an issue because it is the most unregulated part of any beauty product. Hell! Perfumes aren’t even required to have ingredients listed in the USA which is why they put hormones all sorts of garbage in them to keep them sexy and desired.

Am I worried Benzyl Salicylate and it being listed as an environmental toxin in Canada? Yeah, I am but I also don’t want to make any statements until I continue my research. I’m not a scientist I’m just a modern hippie on a mission to be green and glam.

Final opinions on Love Beauty and Planet? Honestly, this is a pretty amazing product for being under Unilever and also being mass produced. If they stick to their ethics and continue to grow into a truly sustainable brand I’d have no problem supporting them. Right now I am sure the company is trying to find that delicate balance to supply the demand made by those who don’t realize how bad fragrance is and who only care about their beauty more than the environment. For that reason I actually really identify with this brand because I too am at a stage in my hippie career that I make 90% good decision and am still working on finding the best solutions to the other 10% to make sure I still have a fabulous yet green lifestyle. I will keep using this shampoo until it’s empty and when it runs out I’ll make the ultimate decision if I am willing to continue with this product or move onto something else, just like the rest of us.

Thank you all for reading all the way to the bottom! I hope you found this informative and interesting. What products would you like me to go research next??

PS- This company has some really badass green goddesses working behind the scenes who I now have many girl crushes on!

This blog was in no way sponsored by Love Beauty Planet and I am not affiliated with them or any brand or website mentioned in this blog post.


The ThinkDirtyApp has updated their rating of the Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Rose Shampoo and Conditioner and I wanted to update all of you! As of right now, the conditioner hasn’t been manually vetted and is considered an 8/10 (10 being the worst).

The ingredients that ThinkDirty rated as “half n’ half” were also the ingredients we discussed above and for some they add more references and studies to support the rating. While the app is still in development I agree with the rating of 4/10 because it’s not a perfect product by any means but it’s not as nasty as the majority of hair products that we use. Not sure? Just scan your shampoo and conditioner and see how many of them are green washed!

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