Conscious Clothing?

Ever since I re-started, or continued walking, on my spiritual journey I have been getting a lot more notifications from the universe on where my steps should be going. My tarot cards told me 3 times in a row that it was dead over with my ex-boyfriend and I. When I was debating about moving my father, who doesn’t have much extra cash, told me he’d support me financially in any way I needed to get out. Most recently I’ve been wanting to restart my wardrobe, some shirts are over 10 years old, but consciously. The thing is, with a strict budget, moving costs, and “no need”, I pushed aside this desire UNTIL I just ruined EVERYTHING with one eco-chic lipstick in the dryer. The universe basically destroyed my clothes and I heard loud and clear “you know what you need to do”.

Now we are here, I am down to the barest of wardrobes I have ever had. You don’t need a list but I want to write one down so you feel the despair of the minimalism that I feel right now. Perhaps minimalism is what I need? There are few brands that I have loved and would’t mind purchasing from. There also a few brands I’ve been debating. Down below I’m going to list some conscious brands to start my new wardrobe. If one thing is clear, it’s that the universe has got my back 100% in becoming my most authentic self even it means subtle destruction of all I own.



LA Relaxed 



Monkee Genes 

Amour Vert 

Maikoda New York

It came to my attention while working on this blog that quite a few of my favorite brands that I’ve shopped from before such as YSTR and LA Relaxed are not functioning right now? That is one of the biggest issues and saddest things I’ve seen since I’ve started working on owning a conscious wardrobe is that many great companies, designs, etc. all go to waste because an ethical affordable business model that offers accessibility is not a sustainable business practice. It’s especially not sustainable when fast fashion and designer brands rule the world.

With this knowledge I want to make a conscious and definitive effort that all new clothing bought must be from one of these companies, yes the build up to a new wardrobe is going to be a long and expensive one but I have to put my money where my mouth is and support the smart and determined business owners and say “I too care about ethical fashion and thank you for being a light”.

So dear readers, what do you know about the ethical qualms of fashion? What would you like for me to dissect on this blog?

Playing with new camera equipment in my favorite “date night” shirt from LA Relaxed

2 thoughts on “Conscious Clothing?

  1. I’ve never put any thought to where my clothing comes from. Even as an adult which is embarrassing. Though one brand I am proud to say I own an article of clothing from is The Girlfriend Collective. Apparently each pair of leggings are made from plastic water bottles. But I would love some resources on how to discover what brands are costing the planet for fast fashion.


    1. That’s a great idea! Thank you! Clothing isn’t honestly something a majority of us focus on but is something I really want to build a knowledge base on!


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