Moving Time

There’s something ridiculously refreshing about moving and all the opportunities to just be true to yourself in all the ways you weren’t before. I am moving to Texas, to Dallas, to whole new environment and I’m subtly freaking out but also filthy excited. Originally I wanted to use this blog to fix all the problems and bad habits I had so easily collected in Chicago and before even 2 months had gone by I am getting ready to move on. In order to speak my desires into existence I am going to publish a list of things that I want to accomplish before I move to the flat lands and freaky weather of DFW.

  1. Get rid of everything with minimal waste. It’s time to figure out how to donate, reuse, or repurpose almost everything.
  2. Update my wardrobe, while I get rid of almost everything already, going through my wardrobe I realized I also never replaced everything. No leggings, no t-shirts, not even enough underwear….
  3. Minimal carbon footprint when moving whatever is left to DFW, I already have a massive footprint from my job and I’d rather not contribute to it any more than I have.
  4. Get rid of plastics and find a plan to replace with glass (holy shit).
  5. Record all of it so I can help others trying to green their moving process as well.

So folks, what are your tips on moving? I don’t love anything I own right now so it’s pretty easy for me to just give it up and purchase all new things in DFW (sustainably made, ethical things). What topics would you like me to talk more about?

Bye Chicago, I will actually miss you.

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