Favorite 100% Pure Cosmetics Products

Modern Hippie Living is all about being a modern bad beauty without sacrificing mother earth and 100% Pure makes it really really easy to make that a reality. This California based company is 100% solar powered, fruit dyed makeup, and compostable packaging makes shopping and caring less stressful and even fun!

I just shot a youtube video on my most recent haul but my haul doesn’t mention my favorite products. I wanted to share my favorite products that have made a huge difference in my beauty routine.

Playing with the Rhian Set from 100% Pure (full face)

Maracuja Mascara: This mascara is one of the only mascaras I can wear. I have long had sensitive skin and I can’t wear regular mascara without my body instinctually washing it away with tears leaving ugly streaks and red eyeballs.

Long Last Liquid Eyeliner: While this product doesn’t have the instant jet black of less “clean” products, all it takes is one more swipe to have an all day cat eye! Plus my eyes don’t try to wash this away, it’s irritation free makeup.

Powder Blush: I am obsessed with their blush! I have many different shades and currently love the shade “Berry“, with one swipe you have perfectly pigmented flush on your cheeks.

Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick: I am a lipstick lover. I own over 20 lipsticks, and I just ran out of TWO in the last 3 days. Lipstick is a necessity for my job and to make me feel put together! Though I have obsessed over Nudestix and Lipsense I continually come back to 100% Pure’s lipstick for their long wear, nourishing ingredients, and high pigment colors. My favourite shades are: Cassia and Sonora

Anti-Aging Lipstick: So the matte lipsticks are GORGEOUS but sometimes you have to go with the tube that will make your lips look juicy and delicious! This is my formula for ultra juicy lips. This is also my formula for long haul flying to keep my lips hydrated while airplane air attempts to dry them out so they fall off… My favorite shades: Poppy and Hibiscus (which are my favorite reds for work!)

Bright Eye Masks: Alright folks, this is my HOLY GRAIL products to save my under eyes! With a career that has me switching my shifts from 3am wakeup calls to all nighters, I constantly look tired and have started to age at an accelerated rate. After one session with these eye masks my puffiness was immediately reduced and maybe even a little purple had faded. I need these to be in my life forever.

Blood Orange Cleansing Balm: Long ago I was actually a tester for this product before it was released to the general public and I fell in love. It’s clear that I wear makeup everyday for work and I also destroy hotel washcloths everyday trying to take it off. With cleansing balm quickly melts off EVERY scrap of makeup on my face while also smelling like I’m showering in fresh pressed juice. I still mourn the loss of this product at a random hotel.

These are my favorite products from 100% Pure and I hope it helps you make some great decisions if and when you decide to purchase them!

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