You Are Supported Going Forward

I’ve been reading a lot and a lot more of “self help” books. Books that are not really “get your shit together” books but more along the lines of “identify your souls purpose” “work towards the light” “confidence in the universe” type books. They’ve basically pushed me back into this blog where I was so afraid of being wrong that I’d rather not do it at all though I’ve longed to create this blog for years! I didn’t want to pinned against those beautiful aesthetics, full time job research, and un-pinnable photos. Though with the help of some deep soul searching I know that I want to come to this blog and make it another home.

In my introduction post I described all the things I hoped this blog would be one day but didn’t really discuss how it would start. For right now, this is a personal blog where I discuss my issues and journey to creating a modern hippie lifestyle. I’m not there yet, not even close to my end goal but I’ve been walking the path for years now. I pulled a couple u-turns but my final destination is become clearer everyday.

The title of this blog is “You are Supported Going Forward” because everything I had banked on, all the easy plans I was relying on completely blew up in my face. Moving in with my boyfriend of 6 months (judge me later), my relationship, my city, my style, my goals were not progressing how I’d hoped and in some instances, completely ended. When it all happened I felt like I should fall apart but instead found strength to forgive all the hurt immediately; for some reason all the bad things made me feel happy and free. Which I then felt immensely guilty for. The point of this post is say that I am living “what needs to happen will happen” trope. As soon as I forgave my hurt, dropped my pageant, and came “clean” to my friends and family what was happening my world opened up.

Friends who I had unintentionally isolated myself from came back with open arms. My dad ,whose judgement though never given but I feared so much, soothed all my fears and gave me full support in my next moves. It sounds crazy but my dad has guided me in all of my best decisions and when he told me he’d support every second of my next move, I knew in my heart it was the right one. A girlfriend who said she wanted to live alone had already started looking at apartments for us. My tarot cards were clear, 5 times in fact, that the relationship I was in and place I was in was over.

What does all this change mean? It means that I’ll be continuing this blog from a new location, new vibe, and new challenges. I’ll be moving from the Midwest to the South; moving from an old dirty apartment, to something newer with more space; and most importantly moving from a place of mistakes and laziness to a fresh start. I am so excited to continue my writing, bring better posts, and most importantly share this journey with you all (or y’all??) as I begin my process of moving in the most sustainable way possible.

I hope you enjoy what the future brings and also please check out an subscribe to my youtube channel! I have been a youtube for just over a year now and feel that I can provide content that is more “my style” there!

PS- Though I don’t have any videos yet I will be working on them all month!



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