Non-Toxic Mainstream Skincare

All I Want is Nice Skincare That Won’t Kill Me

This journey is old and new for me. When I first went vegan I DUMPED everything that wasn’t vegan and did a quick trip for some Pacifica mascara and bb cream and signed up for Petit Vour (a high end vegan cosmetics beauty box). I thought that if I was vegan I was already doing my part for the earth and that vegan automatically meant “clean and green”. Well it doesn’t.

When I first started my career as a flight attendant I gave up everything that I cared about to survive my first year as a flight attendant. I added fish, eggs, and dairy back into my diet to save money. I bought cheap cruelty free make-up because that was what was easy for me. Guys, I literally slept on a yoga mat for my first three months because I refused to waste money on a bed. Now that I’ve adjusted my finances I realized that all of those choices lead me to a massive quarter life crisis. Turns out being a flight attendant was fun but that didn’t make me stop caring about the Earth at all and my soul needed to get back to my original mission.

Now we’re back to present day where after weeks of Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Petit Vour searches and cross checking with the ThinkDirty app; I have finally updated my skincare routine. This time around in my Modern Hippie Living journey I won’t go gung-ho remove everything, I have to be budget friendly with morals. With the use of ThinkDirty, which analyses the ingredients in beauty products to rate their toxicity from 1-10, I finally found some budget friendly items to replace my $100+ routine from Whamisa. Almost all of my products are a 3 or below rating, minus the face wash because it contained salicylic acid. As a reminder, though I personally rely heavily on ThinkDirty I also acknowledge that it’s still up to me to research a brand and the ingredients to confirm it fits with my morals.

Editors Note: I would like to acknowledge that I myself am not able yet to make my own judgements on chemicals from lack of research and therefore rely on this app to find clean products. I also do not promote the idea that a “non-toxic” product is automatically sustainable because toxicity for the human body has nothing to do with the supply chain or packaging.

Products Purchased:

This is just a small part of my skincare routine, but as it took forever to scan and search for products (double checking the rating with store stock) I was only able to purchase a few things needed. I still have eye cream, foaming face wash, and toner. Though it’s always nice to purchase everything at the same time my wallet feels better knowing I didn’t. Originally I planned on also purchasing more skincare and makeup from Pacifica and Physicians Formula but due to stock, I couldn’t. While I have a few great items I am really excited to get my skin back on track and glowing!

On a side note, it’s very important to notice that not all brands create universally “clean” products. Both Pacifica and Shea Moisture, which I relied heavily on in the planning process, have quite a few products that are rated 7+ meaning they have tons of ingredients that can be considered skin irritants. While it really sucks, for lack of better word, to not have one brand to rely on, when on a budget it does require more effort to make it all work.

Since this is a journey I’d like to end this blog post with my future skincare goals. As much as I love the 10 step Korean skincare style, I am more reticent knowing all of the packing that I go through so many steps. Skincare and makeup are from so many plastics! Over the next year I hope to using more beauty products that are from truly sustainable brands.

*All links are to Amazon, I am an Amazon affiliate which means every time you purchase through my link I earn a small commission to keep this blog running and my youtube started! Many of these products though, are much cheaper because of a current promotion at Ulta!

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