A Modern Hippie in the Making

Maybe you’re like me and know the Earth is a vunerable planet that is quickly losing it’s resources. Maybe you’re like me and love feeling glamourous, fabulous, and love all of the technology that our times afford. Maybe you’re like me and a little tipsy and wondering how on earth you can make a difference when you’re just one freaking person and not willing to sacrifice their lives to the cause. Maybe you’re not like me at all.

This blog has been years in the making. Back in college I want to do the side hustle so bad, I had gone vegan and started using natural makeup and wanted to influence the world to see what I saw, that Mother Earth was losing steam and we were taking way too much of her energy.  Like so many in my generation and the population at large I knew the internet could hold a plethera of wealth if only I had the right schtick and a beautiful front. Turns out I didn’t have either and multiple blog failings later and lots of money wasted on get rich quick schemes I gave up. I didn’t want to spend time on anything that didn’t give me joy (thanks KonMari Method). Then after reading Girl Code I was struck multiple times with visions (daydreams) of what my ideal life was and thus Modern Hippie Living came to life.

I am literally sitting on my outdated MacBook in Las Vegas, tipsy, eating spaghetti with a fork and listening to a Vegas playlist on Spotify by Enrique Eglasias ready to spill out the inspiration and message of this blog. Here’s the thing about me doing anything for money; I’m not good at it! If I go into  anything with the intention of making money I don’t care to do it, it’s not in my personality to want to sell anyone anything. Keep your money! That being said, I also struggle with a poverty mindset (another blog for another day) I am studiously working on deleting.

Imagine this: you are flight attendant on a major American airline and you’re reading Coastal Living getting frustrated that you can’t find just the right magazine for your ideal lifestyle. You don’t want to live on the beach but daydream of a modern, sustainable, ethical, homestead filled with instagram worthy shots and cool relaxed vibe. The typical yuppy of the South, Northeast, LA lifestyles are not your thing and you’re slowly giving up on ever finding anything that you identify with. This is where I was and thought, “I want Modern Hippie Living. I don’t want to feel or look dirty but I do want to do my part to be sustainable and ethical because it’s the right thing to do”. I kid you not, that was a serious thought as we flew the 5 hours from Philadelphia to Vegas and watched my coworkers not give a shit about opening a recycling bag and recycling the mountain of paper and plastic we accumulated.

So on the way to the airport, we had crew juice, and with my subsequent buzz I thought to myself if you can’t find easily than do it your god damn self. I won’t say that my blog is the first of it’s kind, I won’t promise you it’s the most researched; I will tell you that this blog was created to fill the void in my life in finding anyone I could relate to. There are so many of us from all walks of life you are awake to the future that could be if we don’t make changes but are too afraid and unknowing of how to take those first steps. This blog will chronicle my first steps into my own personal unknown of becoming a green queen. I gave my entire way of live in Seattle to move to Chicago for a career and was taken aback by the lack of any environmental planning by the city and went with it. I became a part of the problem I had so fervently protested years ago.

At 25 it’s time to dedicate and live my passion. My passion is to feel beautiful and not to harm others in the making. It’s not that crazy but here we are in a world where we unknowingly harm others everyday from the food we buy to the clothes we wear and I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to be a Modern Hippie.

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